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Movement is Medicine

Here at Dynamic Chiropractic and Functional Movement, your speedy recovery is our priority. Our holistic approach helps patients achieve long-term wellness and improve physical health and performance. Stability, Mobility and Strength are the foundational building blocks to DCFM.

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Finding the right chiropractor for you.

Have you been to the chiropractor before?

ALL chiropractors are different. If you think you have exhausted chiropractic care, chances are you haven't. There are many different philosophies and ideologies which can make it difficult to find the right one for you.

There are so many times that I have heard "This type of care isn't for me." "I have been to a chiropractor before and it didn't help me." 

My friend and colleague said it best when she said, "Finding the right chiropractor is like finding the right hair stylist. Just because you had a bad haircut one time, doesn't mean you're never going to get your haircut again." 

You have to find someone that fits your style. 

I strongly encourage you to talk with me about your previous experience, what did you like? What did you NOT like? We can discuss your goals for treatment and find the right way to approach your situation. My goal as a chiropractor is to serve YOU. I want to help you and if I can't I will find someone who I believe will take the best care of you.

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Mission Statement 

To educate patients about their condition.
To empower patients to help themselves.
To give the best Chiropractic care in the Midlands.
To better serve the community.

About Us

The goal at Dynamic Chiropractic and Functional Movement is to restore your mobility, keep you moving and ensure your rehabilitation is effective, efficient and stress-free. DCFM performs a variety of techniques in the office for a more patient centered approach. 

Chiropractic literally means "done by hand," but thats not all that goes into the practice of chiropractic. DCFM wants to educate and empower its patients to help themselves. DCFM's goal is get you out of pain as fast as possible and teach you how to manage it. 

 Book an appointment with us today.

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What Our Patients Think

I’ve never been one to use a chiropractor but the last several years have posed some physical challenges for which I’ve explored non-surgical remedies.
I’ve experienced a couple of chiropractic practitioners in the last few years, to no avail.

Dynamic Chiropractic and Functional Movement was recommended to me at a time I thought I was headed for a hip replacement.

Pain was 8-9 in the scale at my first visit. Found out the problem was in my back and 2 weeks later, my third visit, my pain is a 1-2.

Dr. Katelyn is very knowledgeable and personable. She listens, and is focused on muscle functionality and movement. She is very talented and down to earth.

I highly recommend Dr. Katelyn and Dynamic Chiropractic and Functional Movement.


I started seeing Dr. Katelyn about two months ago for pain in my shoulder & elbow. I had been dealing with the pain for about five months by then. I had tried physical therapy for about eight weeks and hadn't seen any improvement or change in the pain.

On my first visit with Dr. Katelyn, she worked with me for an hour. She listened to my descriptions of the pain and how it was keeping me from doing my normal activities. She walked me through various movements to see what triggered my pain. Then, she had me try a few exercises, and I noticed an immediate change in my pain. It didn't go away completely that first day, but she sent me home with hope and "homework".

For the first few weeks, I experienced good days and bad days with my pain, but each time I saw Dr. Katelyn, she would assess my progress and modify my treatment accordingly. She was encouraging on my frustrating days, enthusiastic on my successful days and patient throughout my progress. She tailored my treatment plan to my specific needs; she listened to my feedback; and she adjusted my exercises to help me succeed.

Recently, I have had days without pain. I am not yet pain-free, but I have made tremendous improvement, and continue to improve, thanks to Dr. Katelyn. I would highly recommend Dr. Katelyn if you are looking for a caring, analytical, thorough & determined provider to help you find relief from your pain.


Dr. Seaba is like a chess grandmaster when it comes to facilitating chiropractic care. She applies a multifaceted attack with an array of resources such as soft tissue work, compression techniques, rehabilitation movements, chiropractic adjustments, cupping, dry needling, and more. These are her chess pieces and she applies great skill in when and where to use each of them! I am lucky to have found Dynamic Chiropractic. My treatments here have already produced a positive effect in both my powerlifting and personal careers.


I love working with Dr. Katelyn! I feel listened to and always leave feeling better than when I came in. This practice is more than just a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Katelyn uses multiple methods of therapy including dynamic movement, deep tissue / fascia manipulation, cupping, kinesthetic tape, etc. We work with my concerns and goals to find exercises that I can take home to improve and relieve my condition, in and outside of office. Reasonable competitive pricing, great value for all that she offers. Like when the general doctor couldn't help, and had to choose between chiropractic, massage, or physical therapy, Dr. Katelyn is like an all-in-one.


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Contact Us

1314 Lincoln St. Suite 218 Columbia, SC 29201 -- Free Parking!

Call or Text 803-574-9344, You can also call 803-661-6310 but please allow up to 48 hours for response

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Clinic Hours

Hours subject to change** 

Monday: 8:30-1 & 3-6

Tuesday: 8:30-1 & 3-6

Wednesday: 12-6

Thursday: 8:30-1 & 3-6

Friday: 8-12

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

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Students, First Responders and Military will receive a discount when they show their member card/ID --for initial visit only*

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